CSM Instructions


If you have a link to contribute, please send it to web@cskms.org.  Thanks!!

Basic Factory Settings – Part 1 – The Cylinder Assembly by Steve (the Wizard of BC on Ravelry)

Basic Factory Settings – Part 2- The Ribber Assembly by Steve (the Wizard of BC on Ravelry)

2-Row Hung Hem by Steve Ashton

Machine Knitters Treasure Chest – CSM Techniques List

Adding Ribber Stitches While Using Extender Spring by Kathy Bergeron

Adjusting the Ribber Dial on an Erlbacher Gearhart by Grayson Erlbacher (demonstrated by Georgia M.)

Bind-Off (Simple & Full Fashioned) by Grayson Erlbacher

Closing Toes (Kitchenering) from the Right Side  picture tutorial (Knottyewe’s blog)

CSM Mitten Instructions by fiberjira

Differences Between Legares by The Legacy Farm

Emergency Cast On Trick by Kathy Roletter

Erlbacher Sock Machine training videos on www.socktv.net.  View current shows & purchase videos of past shows.

Foot Rows Calculator by Nancy (measuredthreads on Ravelry)

Fred’s EZSocks by Fred Hauck  (no ribbing, no heel or toe shaping & “Look, Ma!  No hands!” when you put them on your feet!)

Fred’s EZSocks Part I    Fred’s EZSocks Part II    Fred’s EZSocks Part III

How to Graft Toe on Purl Side (pictorial) by slisen on Ravelry

How to Make a Set-up (or Cast-on) Bonnet by Roxana Baechle

How to Pick Up Dropped Rib Stitches by Nancy (measuredthreads on Ravelry)

Jenny Deters CSM instructional books

Juana’s CSM Selvage by Juanita Reynard

Kitchener Stitch from the Purl Side by Georgia Meisner

Kitchener Stitch Picture Tutorial by Kim Garver

Kitchener Stitch Using Two DPN’s & No Waste Yarn (video) by Lorilee Beltman

Latch Hook Toe video by Charmaine Diepgrond

Legare 54/36 Half Pitch Selvedge (thanks to Pat Fly)

Legare 400 Set-Up by eirual

Magic Wrap Heel by Kathy Bergeron

Mattress Stitch (for joining tubes) from redheart.com

No Wrap Heels Video by Sarah (sarahspins on Ravelry)

Picking Up a Dropped Stitch by nworbal on YouTube

Picking Up a Dropped Stitch by by Sarah (sarahspins on Ravelry)

Repairing Royal Cone Winder — discussion on Ravelry

Scalloped Ribbing Tutorial (rev 4/2018) by Kathy Roletter

Sock Knitting Machine 101 by Donna Peters (on Amazon)

Sue Vunesky books & patterns

Toe-Up Sock Directions by The Colorado Cranker

Toe-Up/No-Sew-Toe and Foot by Grayson Erlbacher

Tuttle Sock Directions Simplified (thanks to Pat Fly & Deb Tetzlaff)

Unknit Stitches on a Sock Machine by Nancy (measuredthreads on Ravelry)

Wrapped Heel & Toe by Nancy (measuredthreads on Ravelry)