Skills Certification Program Level One


Participation Requirements & Expectations

Candidates must provide their own machines, tools, and yarns. Any brand of a circular sock knitting machine, vintage or modern, may be used. Each candidate must pledge that the knitted samples and quiz answers are entirely the work of the candidate and no one else.

Each candidate is expected to use available resources to learn the required techniques. Resources may include books, YouTube, Ravelry, Facebook, CSKMS, and other websites, personal instruction, classes, observation at crank-ins, etc.

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Criteria for Certification

To earn a Level 1 Certificate of Achievement, candidates must submit six (6) knitted samples and pass an online quiz. No ribber is required for any of the samples. Cylinders with 54 to 80 slots are allowed.

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  • Cast-on bonnet with picot edge and hung hem
  • “Test tube” gauge swatch
  • Tubular scarf or cowl
  • Three pairs of cuff-down socks:
    • Stockinette with hung hem
    • Mock-rib with hung hem
    • Stockinette striped socks with hung hem

If you intend to complete this program, do not begin knitting the above samples. This overview does not include all requirements. Candidates will get specific directions and instructions upon acceptance into the program.

Quiz Topics

  • Stitch formation foundations:
    • Gauge
    • Tension
  • Kitchener stitch
  • Machine maintenance
  • Sock machine anatomy
  • Winding yarn

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Sample #1 Cast-on bonnet
Sample #6 Striped socks
Sample #5 Mock-ribbed socks
Sample #4 Hung hem plain socks
Sample #3 Scarf or cowl
Sample #2 Test tube gauge swatch
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