Regional Crank-In Resources


In an Effort to support regional Crank-ins, here are all the resources CSKMS provides:

  1. Crank-In Grants Application – financial assistance to CSKMS members planning a crank-in.  For more info, please visit the Grants page.
  2. CSKMS will provide a free one-year membership as a door prize at any crank-in. Any current member may request this by emailing, and providing the event dates.
  3. Crank-In Organizer’s Guide – what we’ve learned planning crank-ins.
  4. Zoom, the online video conference subscription that we use for Board meetings, is available for event organizers to use.  To use this service, please email with your meeting dates.
  5. Help us spread the word about CSKMS! DownloadCSKMS Info Cards, four to a sheet, for you to print and pass out at your crank-in.
  6. Need a teacher or mentor for your crank-in? Check the CSM Teacher/Mentor listing. CSKMS Members, if you are interested in being added to the list, please submit an info form.

If you are currently a crank-in organizer or would like to be, we want to help! Please email us at