Crank-In Grants

The CSKMS board has approved a program to offer financial assistance to organizers of local and regional crank-ins. The Board will offer grants of up to $500 each to crank-in organizers.

Why?  When someone wants to organize a crank-in of any size, a suitable venue must be found. Sometimes locations are free or low cost, such as meeting rooms at public libraries or churches, but they usually hold a limited number of crankers with their machines and supplies. For venues of larger capacity, costs are involved and often upfront deposits. The organizer might need to put up personal funds until registration fees from attendees are collected. Other expenses may also be involved for instructors/mentors, ads, or supplies. With some financial support from CSKMS, the amount the individual attendees must pay may be reduced considerably.

What are the requirements to receive a grant from CSKMS?

  1. The organizer requesting the grant must be a CSKMS member. (Those attending the crank-in are not required to be members.) If you are not a member, join here.
  2. The organizer will submit a Crank-In Grant request to the Board with details about the event, and how the money will be used.
  3. The organizer agrees that the money is to be used for the cost of renting a venue, printing of materials, compensation for demonstrators, teachers, mentors, and/or machinists, or other legitimate expenses of the crank-in.
  4. The organizer agrees to publicize that CSKMS is helping to fund the event.
  5. The organizer agrees to promote membership in CSKMS by making available information and application forms at the event.
  6. The organizer agrees to submit a written report with photos of the crank-in, within 60 days, for publication in the CSKMS newsletter. The report does not have to be a polished writing job – that’s where the newsletter editor will help!
  7. The organizer agrees to submit an account of how the grant money was used (to include items paid, the amount, and to whom payment was made) with receipts.
  8. The organizer agrees that if the event is cancelled, any money that has been disbursed will be refunded in full to CSKMS.
  9. If approved for a grant, funds will be disbursed one-half upon approval, and the balance once we receive the report and accounting.

Ready to request a grant? Please go to the Crank-In Grant request form.

Remember, CSKMS will provide a one-year free CSKMS membership as a door prize at any crank-in. Any current member may request this by emailing with the event name, location, and dates.