Author: CSKMS Newsletter Editor

2020 Member Event Feedback

Here’s what you said about the event. We are blushing.

Ladies and Gentleman. Thank you so much for putting this event together for everyone.  I have been on many Zoom calls, but this one was the best, well organized, and undoubtedly a lot of teamwork. I was impressed with the structure, like tying the board members’ intros with the “giveaways”–what a great idea!

The trivia game was “right on” and easy for everyone to participate in. The demos were varied with many skill levels , and good videos.

It was so nice to be able to get questions asked and answered in real time. The “big giveaway” was so generous! Thank you for giving so much of yourselves to make this a rewarding event for everyone.

Donna M.

Thank you so much for a great Zoom get together! We enjoyed it and it was nice to put a face to the participants as a lot of them are customers.

Dave Lord and Kathy C.

Dear Kathleen and all at the CSKMS that worked so hard to provide us with this fabulous meeting/crank-in.  The presentations and demonstrations were wonderful and I commend you on the wonderful efforts that you put forward to make this event a total success.  Thank you and thank you to all those vendors that donated to this CSKMS event. Well done!! My husband and I are still quarantined with Covid, so this day was a breath of spring!!!

Bonnie C.

The CSKMS virtual meeting was a wonderful experience. All of you worked so hard to put this on. What teamwork. It was obvious that everyone had a niche to fulfill with their expertise – and you were all successful at it. Those door prizes were definitely a big part of the success and I thank you for including my books.

Jenny Deters

Thank you so much. That is great. I had a great time watching today. You all did an amazing job.

Connie V.

Thank you so much for yesterday.  I was really surprised to hear my name called because I so seldom win anything.  I hope the board plans to do more virtual meetings in the future.  The one thing the pandemic is teaching us is that we can still see and hear each other via a screen if not in person.  I’m looking forward to more of this sort of thing.

Anita P.

It sure was a great day, fun to hang out with like-minded people, see how others work their machines and the museum tour was so informative! I loved hearing the story about Nan and her ability to make so many socks over her lifetime, soooo inspiring! I’d love to see a pattern of her sock, I was intrigued!

Nadia W.

Thanks so much!  Enjoyed today’s event very much.  Still a newbie with lots of ribber fear, but at least the ribber is in the same room and out of the box from under the stairs.

Julie P.

Because of Covid our group has been meeting via Zoom – which our “far away” members seem to like, but gosh we do miss seeing people in person. Thank you again for all the time and effort CSKMS put into this crank in. It is appreciated!

Joanne C.

Thank you for all the work you guys did to make today such a success! Looking forward to shopping!

Renee C.

I’m thankful I’ve joined the CSKMS community, I found a whole lot of my kind of peeps!! I can’t wait for a future event!!

Joseph R.

Was delighted with the first annual Zoom meeting/crank in-ish event. For those of us way out here in the hinterlands it was fun and informative. I liked meeting all the officers virtually.

Ronnie W.