CSKMS Certification Program Update

Our 2020 beginner class (March 15 – September 15) has about a month to go. We currently have 6 participants (out of 15) who have finished their knitted samples and their essay questions, have submitted their work, and have endured having three judges evaluate their submissions.  They all passed!  

Despite a fair amount of nervous anticipation (judging from the posts in the private Facebook group!), they rose to the challenge with skillfully cranked cast-on bonnets, “test-tube” gauge swatches, scarves or cowls, and three pairs of socks (plain hem top,  mock-ribbed and striped).  Cranking wasn’t everything though… they had to explain in detail such topics as the various parts and the mechanical operation of the sock machine, the determination of tension and stitch/row gauge, managing yarn flow, and the origin and technique of Kitchener stitch.

Here are the accomplished and certified crankers from this class so far.

Dorinda Balanecki (Michigan)
Kathleen Ducharme (Michigan)
Kim Kieffer (Indiana)
Annie Rieck (Illinois)
Kerry Sheldon (Connecticut)
Jane Stewart (Ohio) 

Congratulations, ladies!!  You put a lot of study and effort into this work to achieve success, and you’ve proven your high level of competence in basic cranking skills and CSM knowledge.

As I write this, we also have several other participants who have completed their work and are in the process of being judged.  No doubt, we’ll be able to report their success in our next update.

Even though we planned to end this class mid-September, we are prepared to be generous with time extensions given how the Covid-19 pandemic has upended so many lives over the last few months.  So far, only one class member has requested some extra time, and several others think they will be able to finish up within the next few weeks.  

I want to thank our current group of judges who have given careful attention to details, provided thoughtful feedback and comments, and shipped packages promptly.  They have been so reliable and so willing to serve our members in this way!  They are Jenny Deters, Rosalyn Keys, Hope Martin, Jamie Mayfield, Sue Vunesky, and Judy Weller. 

We’re hoping to have the group all done by the end of October, just in time to start another beginner class in early 2021.  If you’re interested in being in that certification group, email Kathy Roletter (pastpresident@cskms.org), and she’ll let you know when applications open.

And yes, we’re working on the next level, intermediate, which will focus on different types of heels and ribbing skills.  More on that to come!

~ Kathy Roletter

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