2020 Annual Meeting Registration

Thank you so much for becoming a CSKMS member. 

We are really pleased that you have joined us!  Below you will find the Zoom link for our annual meeting this coming Saturday, October 24.  Although you missed the deadline to be eligible for the prize drawings, we hope you will be able to attend on Saturday as we have some fun and interesting activities planned as well as introductions of members who are running for board positions in our upcoming election. 

See you Saturday!  

Zoom Meeting
October 24, 2020 11am-5pm EDT

Join the meeting with a smartphone, tablet, laptop computer, or desktop computer.

If you do not already have Zoom, you may be prompted to download the app and create a free account. This process takes less than 5 minutes.

If you are undecided on which device to use, here are some considerations when choosing your device:

  • You will not be visible to others if you join the meeting using a camera-less laptop or desktop.
  • The larger the device, the larger the viewing area and the more people you’ll be able to see at once.
  • A laptop or desktop makes utilizing the chat easier.

We want everyone to enjoy the day! Feel free to make yourself at home, literally! 

Grab a drink, grab a snack, grab your knitting, and kick back. 

The meeting will still be social, just in a different way. There is a chat feature and we encourage you to use it.

We are taking steps to make the event pleasant for everyone. 

  • While we would love to see your beautiful faces, you can choose to be visible or not via the video feature. 
  • Only the speakers will be audible.
  • To minimize background noise, all attendees will be muted when entering the room and for the duration of the meeting. 
  • Any questions that you have during the meeting should be directed to the room co-host(s). Please type your question into the general chat room and the co-host(s) will forward the question to the speaker. 
  • Designated “tech support” will be available to assist you with technical issues. Board members will help via private chat. Just type “help” in the chat function to let us know you’d like assistance.

The meeting will be recorded and accessible to members at a later date through the CSKMS website.

Please bear with us (and with yourselves!) 
as we figure out this new world of virtual events together!

Please register for this event using the same email address registered with CSKMS.

Registration and participation in this event assumes agreement with these terms and conditions.

Email Us with Questions – events@cskms.org