Terms and Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions for the 2020 CSKMS Annual Virtual Event. For questions or concerns please contact events@cskms.org.

General Terms and Conditions and Eligibility:
  1. All prizes will be drawn by a computer with a random number generating program.
  2. All prizes will be awarded to the names drawn during the event.
  3. No prizes can be transferred to another attendee.
  4. Prizes will be mailed to the winning name drawn during the event. Please make sure your address is correct when you register.
  5. All prizes will be mailed by the seller or by the door prize coordinator within 3 weeks of the event.
  6. You must be a registered member of CSKMS to receive any door prize.
  7. No liability or warranties are implied or given by CSKMS for ANY door prize
Grand Prize Terms, Conditions, and Eligibility:
The Grand Prize value is UP TO $2,000.00 towards
the purchase of a Circular Sock Machine.
  1. You must be present to claim the Grand Prize. If a person is not in attendance another name will be drawn.
  2. The grand prize will only be awarded to the name drawn. Prizes are not transferable
  3. No money will be given to the winner.
  4. CSKMS will pay directly to the seller, UP TO $2,000.00, for the machine you choose.
  5. If the machine you choose, including shipping, does not equal the total of $2000.00, you will not receive the remaining money.
  6. The winner, of the grand prize, will be responsible for any outstanding balance if the purchase price of the machine selected is greater than $2,000.00
  7. The winner will supply the CSKMS Treasurer their contact information (name, address, email and phone number) along with the amount of the sale, including shipping if required, and the name of the seller to be paid.
  8. The selection of the machine to be purchased is solely the responsibility of the winner.
  9. All transactions of money will be from CSKMS to the seller directly.
  10. Winner is responsible for all income tax, duties and or import fees if applicable.
  11. The winner must have purchased or be placed on a list to purchase a machine by April 30, 2021