Remembering Barry Travis

Tuttle LT150
by Candy Terry

Of all the old-time sock makers we have known, the one who contacted us first, some 20 years ago, was Barry Travis. He became our best cranker buddy, providing much needed cranker knowledge, three CSMs, including our first Tuttle, nifty tools, and very affordable sock yarn. Within a year, Barry became the cranker we most recommended to prospective CSM owners. He was a trusted source of machines, manuals, needles, cylinder springs, and the best-priced German sock yarn anywhere. An even more important product Barry provided new crankers was sock wisdom and inspiration. As soon as he had the contact information and address of a new CSM owner, he would crank them out a pair of his famous socks for free hoping the example of his hand-cranked socks would inform and inspire them.

Barry’s most recent contribution to the cranker craft was donating his precious “Old Rusty,” a 1880s Lamb made Tuttle, to the modern Lamb Company for them to disassemble all 102 parts as the first step to what would become the LT150, a modern reengineering of the Lamb Tuttle 150 years later.

No doubt, many of our CSKMS members can say “thanks to Barry!” they have a pair of his socks, a good machine, or ample yarn stash along with Barry’s encouragement to have fun as they progressed along their CSM path. Today, Hank and I join with all CSKM members who fondly remember Barry Travis as that trusted cranker friend who, above all, helped them on their CSM journey.

In memory of Barry