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Website Updates


March 2023:

Membership expiration dates. There has been some general confusion about membership expirations. When CSKMS moved to a new Membership plugin in 2021, it reset the membership Order History date to 2021. This caused members to think their membership had expired early. If you look at Membership Level History – it does show the correct purchase, renewal, and expiration dates. Sorry for the confusion there.

Additionally, the site was configured to that when a member renewed their membership, it would reset the expiration date 1 or 3 years from the date of purchase, versus adding 1 or 3 years to the length of the membership. Working with the membership plugin vendor, we have adjusted these settings to add time instead of resetting the expiration date. Hopefully, this will alleviate confusion.

February 2023:

Updated Member Directory – More secure. Allows for user avatars. Has an interactive map, not working fully with search.

All forms updated.

December 2022:

To better manage our email communications and provide timely replies (and avoid the dreaded SPAM folder), we have created a Contact Us form. This form allows people to contact the CSKMS, and an alert will go to three current board members who will route the message to the appropriate resource or address directly. We removed many of the direct email links on the site and replaced them with the new Contact Us form.

April 2021:

We are slowly updating our forms on the website. The new forms will have stronger SPAM protection and be reviewed to ensure correct information is captured. This update will also modernize the look and feel of our forms and ensure they work on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

January 2021:

We updated our system for membership signup and renewal. This will impact how you sign on to the site. If you experience issues signing onto the site please email Membership or Web. Future benefits of this update coming soon.

November 2020:

Added Printer Content Icon to pages. Miss the PDF version of the site? Not you can click on this Printer ICON in the top right of most pages and the website will reformat to provide you a printer-friendly version of the page’s content. Power users can make a PDF from there.

Updated Website links from Red to Blue. They were red, and so were our section headers.  To make it easier to understand what a link is, we are now following standard website conventions.

Improved Navigation Menu. Shorter dropdown menus and better categorizations. The menu bar also sticks to the top as you scroll.

Updated website hosting plan. This should provide better website performance (faster!).