CSKMS Items for Sale

Find all sorts of items with the CSKMS logo at our new CafePress store!

We have t-shirts, totes, notion bags, mugs, water bottles, buttons, charms to use as stitch markers, key rings, and car magnets. If you want us to offer other items with our logo, please email web@cskms.org and we’ll set it up.

You’re stopped at a red light.  The passenger in the car to your left is staring at your left side passenger window with a weird look on her face.  It says, “Circular WHUT?  Sock knitting, WHUT?”  As the light turns green, you speed up & chuckle to yourself, “YES!  It was sooooooo worth putting that decal on my car!”
CSKMS window decals, $5.00 each including shipping  (Seriously, ya gotta have one, right?  Think how much fun that red light scenario will be!)  Email Kathy to purchase decals.