CSM Videos

Note:  In cases where there are multiple videos in a series, the link given is to Part 1 of the series.  If you have a link to contribute, please send it to web@cskms.org.  Thanks!!

1×1 Ribbing Bindoff by Kathy Bergeron

1890 Tuttle Circular Sock Machine by Candy Terry (The Colorado Cranker)

8-1/2 Minute Sock by fiberjira

Adding Cylinder Needles Using the Spring Extender by Kathy Bergeron (camera work by Aydyn)

Adding Ribber Needles Using the Spring Extender by Kathy Bergeron (camera work by Aydyn)

Beginning Ribbing on an Erlbacher Gearhart Knitting Machine by Grayson Erlbacher

Bind-Off (Simple & Full Fashioned) by Grayson Erlbacher

Bob Rutherford (article)

Bob Rutherford’s Super Fast CSMs

Cat Bordhi’s Sweet Tomato Heel Done on a CSM by Gabrielle Marsden

Crank Sock Machine Hung Heel From Start to Finish by Rose Meister

CSM Mitten by fiberjira

CSM New Magic Wrap Heel by Kathy Bergeron (camera work by Aydyn)

Deb’s Fast and Easy Heel by Deb Oswald

E-Wrap on the Sock Machine by Loan Nguyen

Fred’s EZSocks by Fred Hauck  (no ribbing, no heel or toe shaping & “Look, Ma!  No hands!” when you put them on your feet!)  Fred’s EZSocks Part I     Fred’s EZSocks Part II     Fred’s EZSocks Part III

Gob’s Web – Circular Sock Machine Cast-On/Doodle by Gabrielle Marsden

Half-Pitch Ribbing on a Home Profit Master Machine by naesatt

How to Pick Up Dropped Rib Stitches by Nancy (measuredthreads on Ravelry)

Binding Off on the Cylinder (Latching Off) — Simple & Full-Fashioned Purl Bind Off by Candy Terry for Erlbacher Gearhart

Legare Setup by nworbal

Magic Wrap Heel by Kathy Bergeron

Miss Jenny’s Ribbed Sock Start to Finish by Jenny Deter

NZAK Manual by Jacquie Grant

No Wrap Heels Video by sarahspins

Picking Up a Dropped Stitch by nworbal on YouTube

Reburbishing Gearhart CSM Cylinder by Joe Wilcox

Ribbed Sock on Circular Knitting Machine by icandyarn

Rosie’s 1 x 1 Ribbed Sock by DreambuildersQuilt1

Sandee’s Mock Rib Sock by DreambuildersQuilt1

Setup Bonnet by icandyarn

Sewn Bind-Off (to finish top of cuff when doing socks toe-up) by Keswick Arts & Crafts

Sock Knitting Machine Fun Video by ikraftr

Sock Machine Knitting Demonstration by woolcombs

Toe-Up/No-Sew-Toe and Foot by Grayson Erlbacher

Traditional Gearhart Ribbing by Grayson Erlbacher

The Tuttle Sock Machine by TheColoradoCranker

Wrapped Heel by Jenny Deters