Membership Renewal

Membership choice:

_____$15.00 for dues for one year

_____$30.00 for dues for 3 years (one free year!)

Please remember to let us know of any changes in your contact information (physical address, email or phone number) so that we may update our records.  Also, if you’d like, let us know what CSM(s) you own & your Ravelry name so that we can add that information to the membership list on the website.  Thank you!

Active CSKMS members can renew their memberships by sending a check, payable to CSKMS, in the amount of their membership choices ($15 for one year or $30 for 3 years) to Circular Sock Knitting Machine Society, c/o Treasurer, Kathy Roletter, 651 Ott Street, Harrisonburg, VA, 22801.


Send payments by PayPal to   Please note: When using PayPal, send payment as a gift to family or friend. (Otherwise, CSKMS has to pay a fee to Paypal.)  Type your name in the signature space and email the application to Kathy. Type CSKMS in the subject line.