New Member Application

Circular Sock Knitting Machine Society (CSKMS) Membership Application

Name _______________________________________________________________(please print)

Address ___________________________________City________________________

State/Province______________________Country____________Postal Code__________

Phone(s)_________________________(home)  ____________________________(cell)

E-mail _____________________________________________________________

Optional information:

CSM(s) you own:______________________________________________________

Your Ravelry name:____________________________________________________

Membership choice: (check one)

_____$15.00 for dues for one year

_____$30.00 for dues for 3 years (one free year!)

Membership is open to individuals who have read and support the bylaws of CSKMS.

Please read the bylaws here and be sure you agree with all their provisions before joining CSKMS.  Thank you!

Typing or signing your name in the signature blank will indicate that you have read, understand and support the Bylaws and purposes of CSKMS.

Signature of Applicant ________________________________________ Date___________________

Download, print and mail your application and check, payable to CSKMS, in the amount of your membership choice ($15 for one year or $30 for three years) to Circular Sock Knitting Machine Society, c/o Treasurer, Kathy Roletter, 651 Ott Street, Harrisonburg, VA, 22801.


Send your payment by PayPal to   Please note: When using PayPal, send payment as a gift to family or friend.  Otherwise, CSKMS has to pay a fee to Paypal. (Yes, this is permitted by Paypal for nonprofit clubs.  We’ve checked.)  Type your name in the signature space and email the application to Kathy. An easy method is to copy this application and paste it in an email message, then fill in the blanks. Type CSKMS in the subject line.