2017 Conference

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Registration for the conference is now closed.  However, see note below.
CSKMS 2017 Annual Membership Meeting and Conference
University of Massachusetts campus, Amherst, Massachusetts

We have a fabulous variety of interesting CSM classes being offered this year! If you’d like to see the classes and their descriptions, click here.

We also have some fun contests planned!  Go here for details.


7/28/17, 4:45 pm ET:

Two members who were registered for the conference (and who are related to each other) are experiencing a situation in their family which will keep them from attending the conference. It’s so late in the game that they cannot get a refund unless we can find a couple of people to take their places.

So here’s the deal:

  • These two openings are available only to current CSKMS members at the moment.
  • Dorm reservations at UMass are now closed. The UMass Conference Center Hotel may or may not have room(s) available. Whoever takes these two spots must make their own separate lodging arrangements in Amherst.
  • Class registration is now closed. If you take one of these spots, you will be able to take a class only if the teacher has room & you are prepared to pay the teacher directly with cash or check before the class begins.

Several people have contacted me to ask if they can still register for the conference & I’ve had to tell them it’s too late since registration officially closed July 14.

But now these two openings have just occurred.

So it’s first-come, first-served. If you want to grab one of these spots, please contact our registrar Jessica Threlkeld right away at cskms2017@gmail.com.

We’re also posting this notice on Facebook & on the CSKMS Ravelry group.

Hopefully, we can find people to fill these spots so that the original members can get a refund.

Thanks! Kathy :o)